About Us

Bible Baptist Church was founded in April 1967 by Bro. Billy Rodgers, along with 17 charter members. Bro. Billy would serve as pastor of the church until 1997. The church was first housed in a small home on Second Street, where Sunday School was held in the living room. The congregation raised the funds to build their first building located in the corner of Thompson and Knox Streets. The church would become known as the “Little Rock Church on the corner.” During Bro. Rodgers 30 year ministry at this location, many souls would be saved and baptized, and countless others would have their  lives changed and be drawn closer to the Lord.
For over 50 years now, God has continued to build Bible Baptist Church both spiritually and numerically. We see this not of our own working but as a result of God working through us. To God be the glory ! Great things HE hath done !!
Our Pastor
In February of 1997, Bible Baptist Church would call B.J. Nunley, Bro. Rodgers grandson, as its pastor. Under his leadership, the church continues to grow as God’s Word is delivered week after week. In November of 2011, God opened a door of tremendous opportunity as the church was able to purchase its current location from the First Presbyterian Church Congregation. BJ and his wife Roberta have been married for 25 years and have 2 children, Caleb and Ashlyn.